Applied Minor

Education Applied Minor

Educators must be able to understand development and the learning process, connect with their students, and think critically about classrooms and institutions. The applied minor in education supports you in threading all of these elements together, connecting coursework with practical experience.

Program Details

Through a variety of courses and a practicum, you will explore issues in teaching and learning from historical, political, philosophical and practical perspectives. You’ll also be able to individualize your experience to fit your specific interests in teaching and learning while participating in the common experience of exploring educational issues critically.

  • Students earning an applied minor in education pursue careers as educators in non-profit organizations, such as Boys & Girls Club, Purdue Extension and numerous other organizations. Students can also pursue advanced degrees related to education, such as Master of Education or Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT).

  • Students who wish to become a licensed K-12 teacher in public schools will need to complete a teaching licensure program, such as Earlham’s MAT program, and pass qualifying licensure exams.