Teaching English as a 2nd Lang


TESO 344: Studies in Language Learning & Teaching

Credits 4
Combines theoretical foundations of second-language acquisition with practical classroom techniques and procedures. Examines principles of proficiency-oriented instruction, language functions, sociocultural variables, and comparison of first- and second-language acquisition.

TESO 348: Sociolinguistics

Credits 3
Designed to help students interested in language learn how language functions in a social context. Topics include language and cultural meaning, connections between language variation and geographical/ethnic backgrounds, social class and social networks, age and gender, forms of address and politeness, non-verbal communication, language for social change, and language education and policy.

TESO 383: TESOL Field Experience

Credits 3
In the field study, students gain first-hand experience in language teaching in such settings as a middle school in Japan, a rural village in Mexico, an Austrian school or a bilingual setting within the United States.