Student Classification

Class Standing

A degree-seeking undergraduate student’s academic level (or class standing) is based on the number of credits earned. This level is used to meet requirements for enrollment, financial aid, housing, etc. A student’s academic level includes awarded transfer credit. 

Total Credits Earned  Academic Level 
0-27 First-year student 
28-57  Sophomore 
58-87  Junior 
88+  Senior


Full-time students are defined as those taking 12 or more credits during a semester. 


Part-time students are degree-seeking students who are enrolled in fewer than 12 credits during a semester. Part-time status is generally granted only to seniors in their final semester as they complete degree requirements. These students must seek permission from the Registrar’s Office to pursue a degree as a part-time student. Students with disability status who seek parttime status must request a recommendation from the Director of the Academic Enrichment Center. 


Transfer students are defined as those who are admitted to the College having completed a minimum of one semester of academic work in a degree-seeking program at an accredited college or university. Students seeking transfer status must be enrolled as degree-seeking students at an accredited college or university. Transfer students may seek credit toward general education and degree requirements from credits earned elsewhere. 

The residency requirement for all students is satisfied upon completion of 60 semester credit hours at Earlham College (“in residence”). This means that students may not transfer more than 60 credits towards the undergraduate degree. 

High ability

High ability students are local high school students who are completing college-level work at Earlham College that also counts toward the completion of their high school diploma. 


Special students include non-degree-seeking and postgraduate students.