Sanctions for Academic Violations

  1. Sanctions resulting from an Academic Violation include, but are not limited to:
  2. A First Infraction or a Warning will usually result in a 0 or F on a specific work or for the course.
  3. The first time a student is accused of a breach of academic integrity, the student and faculty member, or the ACC, may decide that this was an educational experience for the student and elect to take no further action.
  4. Some infractions are intentional and egregious, such as buying a paper from an online source, stealing a paper from a classmate, or using a cell phone to cheat on a test. Infractions the faculty member, the Dean’s designee from Academic Conduct Council, or ACC deems egregious and intentional will be called a first infraction.
  5. Some infractions are clearly opposed to academic integrity as stated in our policy but are less clearly the result of dishonesty on the student’s part; the student may not fully understand the rules of citation or what constitutes producing independent work. Since plagiarism does not rely solely on intention, students may need to learn how to avoid plagiarism actively. In these cases, the student will receive a Warning rather than a First Infraction. 6
  6. Because the student is expected to learn from this experience, if a student commits additional infractions, that Warning will be treated as if it were a First Infraction.
  7. For a Second Infraction or an Infraction following a Warning, a student will typically be suspended for the remainder of the semester and the following semester.
  8. Students suspended as a consequence of academic dishonesty will not be able to transfer College credits toward an Earlham degree from courses taken elsewhere while on suspension. 
  9. A student may return to Earlham after a period of suspension on the condition that they provide a written statement affirming commitment to Earlham’s standard of academic integrity. The statement should be sent to the Academic Dean, who will include it in Academic Conduct Council files. A copy of the statement will be placed in the student’s permanent academic file.
  10. For a Third Infraction, including a Second Infraction following a Warning, a student will typically be expelled from the College.