East Asian Studies

East Asian studies is available to students as a self-designed major or minor. Courses in East Asian studies can also be a part of many other majors at Earlham.

Program Details

Earlham’s long-standing programs in Japanese studies and our programs in Chinese studies offer many opportunities for a student-designed course of study. In addition to Japanese and Chinese language study, students can engage with a variety of courses that focus on East Asia, take advantage of study abroad opportunities in both Japan and China, and immerse themselves in varied co-curricular opportunities that bring East Asia to our campus.

Self-directed learning can be one of the most important aspects of a liberal arts education. Student-designed and initiated courses are valuable in that they encourage and require you to take responsibility for your educational process. Additionally, these courses provide opportunities to augment the existing curriculum to better suit your individual educational interests.

93% of work seekers who majored in a cross-divisional major between 2018-2022 were employed, pursuing graduate school or volunteering within six months of graduation.