Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for providing the College’s administrative computing, infrastructure, campus services and technology experience.

A wide variety of computing equipment enables Earlham students to incorporate technological skills into their liberal arts education:

  • Both Mac and Windows-based computers are fully supported and used in offices, labs, and classrooms.
  • Technology Experience directly manages six public computing labs as well as Mac and PC mobile carts. The lab located in LBC, is open 24/7 during the school year, providing 30 PCs and six iMacs.
  • Discipline-specific labs are also available to students as needed.

Gigabit Ethernet switches are located in each building with high-speed fiber optic cables between buildings operating up to 10 GB. All direct network connections in buildings, including the residential halls, are currently running at 1 GB.

Wireless service is available in all of the academic buildings, residence halls, College-owned houses, The Heart, and green spaces bordering campus buildings. This provides students with the opportunity to pursue their research, stay in touch with family or just browse the Web in a variety of locations and settings on campus.

Earlham based servers provide a variety of services to students, faculty, and staff such as Earlham’s portal The Heart, web-based email, a course management system, network storage, mailing lists, and access to the library’s electronic resources.

The HelpDesk also strives to assist current students with a variety of free technology-related services, including work on personal computers. Supported services include virus removal, diagnosing and repairing connection issues, general troubleshooting and diagnostics, and assisting with driver updates.