Commitment to Community in Light of Principles and Practices

Earlham’s Commitment to Community is inextricably related to the Friends’ testimonies cited in our Principles and Practices.

Respect for persons, for example, requires that each community member acts with respect, responsibility, and care for all people. Any behavior that counteracts that imperative is subject to review under the Student Handbook. At the same time, the review process requires that persons under its purview also be treated with respect.

Integrity requires that individuals behave truthfully, honestly, and fairly with each other and the institution and that the College be truthful, honest, careful, and fair in its evaluations of potential violations of the Commitment to Community.

Peace and justice work against physical, emotional, or verbal violence, as manifested in our institutional process and personal associations.

Simplicity not only requires clarity, calm, and focus in Earlham’s Commitment to Community, but it also speaks to individual behavior that causes or results in distraction, stress, and excess.

Community participation with regard to the Student Handbook is guided by the College’s commitment to consensus governance. Accepting the result of consensus decisions speaks to the responsibility of all persons participating in the campus community.

For the full version of Earlham’s Principles and Practices, please see the website:

The goals and process of Earlham’s Commitment to Community: Principles and Practices center around our attempt to reflect our highest aspirations for living in community. Once engaged, the student conduct process seeks, as a primary goal, to address the most basic expectations of student behavior at the College through education and intervention. The College will notify students in writing if a question arises regarding a potential violation of the Student Handbook and College community expectations. As such, the Earlham College email is the College’s official means of communication with students. Students are responsible for all communication delivered to their Earlham email address, including the expectation that spam filters be monitored and adjusted to permit email from campus offices, faculty, and staff.