Applied Minor

Sports Management Applied Minor

The sports management applied minor is designed to introduce you to the global sports and recreation industry while focusing on a variety of disciplines tailored to your individual interests.

Program Details

The breadth of courses required to attain the sports management applied minor builds a well-rounded individual, knowledgeable not only of sports and management but of education, the environment, psychology, and athletics, wellness and physical education.



You are required to take the following course in fulfillment of a sports management applied minor:

Course Code
Credit Hours
Sub-Total Credit Hours

In addition, you are required to take four courses from the following options:

Course Code
Credit Hours
Sub-Total Credit Hours

Co-curricular activity

You will complete one of the following co-curricular activities:

    • On-campus opportunities within Athletics, Marketing and Communications, the Sports Information Office or special events (must be approved by both the sports management convener and a representative from the respective office/department).
    • Volunteer experiences with relevant organizations such as K-12 organizations, city/state government, the Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, YWCA, etc.
    • Other opportunities in consultation with and approved by the sports management convener.

Culminating experience

Complete a poster presentation at Epic Expo. This poster must include: 

  • Discussion of a current topic of debate in the field of sports
  • Discussion of your engagement in the applied minor, including:
    • which classes you took and co-curricular experience you did to complete the applied minor, 
    • a synthesis across these experiences,
    • and a discussion of how this applied minor has influenced you/your future.

In addition, you must submit this poster and resume/CV with the applied minor on it to the convenor.