Appeals Process for Academic Violations

  1. The only acceptable grounds for appeal are a lapse of the process that might have made a difference in the outcome, persuasive new evidence, or an inappropriate sanction. The petition for an appeal must address one or more of these three grounds in detail.
  2. The complainant or respondent can submit a written petition for an appeal to the Associate Academic Dean. The appeal should be received within five business days from the day the ACC decision was sent or within a calendar week should the decision occur at the end of a semester or before an academic break. The Dean will determine if there are acceptable grounds for an appeal to go forward to an Appeals Council. Should the Dean determine there are no acceptable grounds, the matter ends with the decision of the Dean.
  3. Should the Associate Academic Dean determine that an appeal is warranted, an Appeals Board will be convened to review the petition.
  4. The Hearing Chair for Appeals is an alternate member of the Academic Conduct Council who did not participate in the original ACC Hearing.
  5. The Appeals Board includes one faculty member and one student who did not participate in the original ACC process.
  6. All decisions of the Appeals Board are final. The Appeals Board will issue its results at the close of the meeting and forward a rationale summary to those involved.