Academic Enrichment


ACEN 100: First Year Writing Tutorial

Credits 1
Develop essential writing knowledge and skills including planning, writing thesis statements, researching, citing, revising, and editing. Gain confidence through practicing writing in-class and workshopping writing from other classes. This course is appropriate for students with first year status at Earlham.

ACEN 110: Fundamentals of Math

Credits 3
This course is an overview of the major areas of foundational mathematics. Topics will be drawn from number theory and arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability and probability distributions. Geared for students who desire knowledge of a variety of mathematical areas or want to broaden their mathematical experiences. Common motivations for students have been preparation for later coursework, review for the GRE, teacher preparation, or academic advisor's recommendation.

ACEN 115: Essentials of Mathematics

Credits 3
This course is an overview of foundations in mathematics for the Earlham curriculum. The topics include overviews of number theory, geometry, modular arithmetic, probability, statistics and personal finance. The topics will strengthen the students' knowledge of the quantitative components of most Natural Science and Social Science entry level courses. Common student motivations have been preparation for later coursework with quantitative components or academic adviser's recommendation.

ACEN 130: Peer Writing Tutor Training

Credits 1
This class covers pedagogy and technique appropriate for working in a writing center or with fellow students on their writing. The course is required for students who wish to apply to work at the Earlham Writing Center.

ACEN 135: Autumn Writing Intensive

Credits 2
Autumn Writing is a course in academic writing that introduces first-year students to critical reading, thinking, and writing about specific phenomena and issues. The course, which topic is Luso-Brazilian Cinema, will develop your ability to assess a variety of cultural and political contents, both written and visual, closely and critically. It will also help you analyze such texts and visual contents in ways that engage and challenge your experience, the perspectives of other scholars, and the larger world. Throughout the course you will learn and practice the analytical writing that many college courses and professions require.

ACEN 140: Training for Academic Success

Credits 1
The goal of this course is to promote student success at Earlham College and beyond. Students will be introduced to various campus resources, learn time management skills, understand academic success strategies and gain skills as a resident of the Earlham community.This course will help students recognize their capacities and strengths. It will also help students overcome any mental blocks that may stand in their way of success. In addition, it will help students identify the specific steps to understanding their individual learning style to assist students achieve their academic success.

ACEN 151: Functions

Credits 3
This course is an overview of the foundational functions in mathematics. The topics include linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, trigonometric and periodic functions as well as an introduction to probability and statistics. The topics will strengthen the students' quantitative literacy for most Natural Science and Social Science entry courses. Common motivations for students have been preparation for later coursework with quantitative components or academic advisor's recommendation.

ACEN 241: Life Skills & Leadership

Credits 1
The life skills and leadership development course will develop, challenge and support students in their continual journey to be leaders in academics, social relationships and life. This course will have a particular focus on financial literacy, mindfulness, stress management, career preparation and strategies for prevention for various types of risky social behaviors.

ACEN 300: Advance Writing Tutorial

Credits 1
This course will help students navigate the difficulties of extended writing, explore career-based writing, and discuss genres of writing essential for graduate school and job applications. This course is suitable for students with junior or senior status who are looking toward future writing situations and long-term writing projects.