Applied Minors

Applied Minors (AMs) are distinctive programs that allow you to personalize your education and help you make direct connections between academic interests and co-curricular activities. Based around a theme, each AM creates a space for you to integrate 4-6 academic courses, co-curricular work like service or athletics, and a final project appropriate to the content. Completing an AM (or multiple AMs) is an optional opportunity for all students. The Applied Minor Declaration Form is available on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Applied minors embody the Earlham student’s Epic Journey by integrating cross-disciplinary coursework and co-curricular work focusing on career outcome.

Current Applied Minors include:

Art, nature and conservation
Arts management
Contemplative studies
Digital arts
Medical humanities
Outdoor education
Peace Corps prep
Shakespeare studies
Sustainability and management
Sustainable agriculture